"A dog is the only thing on earth
that loves you more
than you love yourself"
Josh Billings -



About us

We are Eric and Ellen and since 1999, when our first Laika entered our lives, these dogs have become an important part of it.

Throughout the years, we have learnt a lot about the Laika breeds. Not only from our own experiences, but also by reading about the breeds and meeting other Laika owners and their dogs, mainly from countries were Laikas are still used for hunting purposes. We are regularly in Scandinavia, have lived in Norway for a while and have travelled to East Siberia because of the dogs.

Since I was born, I (Ellen) was surrounded by dogs. At first an English Cocker Spaniel and later, the Dutch hunting breeds Staby- en Wetterhoun. It goes without saying that a life without dogs is impossible for me to imagine. I attended several courses in ethology, cynology and dog training and I taught obedience training at the local dog school for several years.

With my own dogs, I have trained and still train obedience and all of them perform surprisingly well.

Because of the fact that the primary purpose of these breeds is hunting in all its aspects, we attended several hunting courses with our dogs, like retrieving training and blood tracking training. And we have experienced that Laikas do not necessarily have to be inferior to retrieving breeds or tracking breeds, on the contrary.
We also participated in hunting trials in which authentic hunting skills are tested and judged. A few of our dogs have trial results on moose, wild boar and blood tracking.

Eric has a hunting license and we are fortunate to have hunting rights in Värmland, Sweden, where we are able to hunt with our dogs.

Nature, outdoor activities, winter and Scandinavia are a few keywords that apply to us and each of the Laika breeds would be a perfect complement to this.

No matter what activities we undertake, whether this is a multi-day hike, running, skiing or a trip with our canoe, our dogs always accompany us. Their inseparable presence adds an enjoyable, extra dimension to our outdoor activities.