"A dog is the only thing on earth
that loves you more
than you love yourself"
Josh Billings -




Name               Outamaan Buri
Alias Yasni
In Russian

Ясный: clear, such as a clear blue sky


East Siberian Laika

Date of birth

15th March 2002

Place of birth

Swedish Lapland


International Champion, Dutch Champion, Finnish Champion, Norwegian Champion, Junior World Winner 2003, Amsterdam Winner 2003, European Winner 2011, World Veteran Winner 2013


1st prize FCI moose trial in Porvoo, Finland 2nd September 2003

1st prize FCI wild boar trial in Katymár, Hungary 7th November 2004


funny, cheerful, devoted, affectionate, sharp, fanatic, stubborn

Yasni's character

Raising Yasni has been a remarkably easy process. This may partly have been caused by the fact that Misjko was an example, which of course must have had a positive effect. Yasni is an easy dog to handle. At home, he is calm and he can enjoy himself playing alone quietly. He is a sweet, devoted and affectionate dog with a gentle character. He does not like much fuss, but as soon as he is out in the forest,

he transforms into a self-confident, ruthless hunter, that completely minds his own business.
Hunting is Yasni’s passion. At the age of 1,5 years, he won a first prize at a moose trial, although he had never seen moose before. A year later, a first prize at a wild boar trial could be added to the list as well.
Like most Laika males, Yasni’s behaviour towards strange males has changed around his 2nd/3rd year. Sometimes he can react unexpectedly fierce. He has a sharp and fanatic nature, which finds expression in almost anything he does.

It is obvious that Yasni is a dog that loves to be outside. Whenever possible, he is in our garden. There, he sees everything and hears everything. He is always busy doing something and nothing escapes his attention.

What makes Yasni special

Working in and with nature is Eric’s profession and we both are very interested in nature. Yasni and his strong instincts, taught us to look at nature also from another perspective. Thanks to him, we had the opportunity to experience some very special events, experiences we will not easily forget.


Due to Yasni, we became aware of how a Laika, in particular regarding the dog’s hunting instinct, should be. And we hope that breeding will take place in such a way that this important quality will be preserved, also in countries where Laikas are not used for hunting. We also came to the conclusion that a dog with such a hunting instinct is not suitable for being kept as a family dog only, but

that a dog like this definitely needs to be worked with.

Yasni is a very thankful travel companion. We can take him with us everywhere and in all kinds of situations without any problems. He clearly enjoys the fact that we live close together and with each other during our vacations.


Because of his cheerful and playful nature and his funny tricks, he keeps surprising us and makes us laugh. He brings a lot of joy to our lives. It is likely that his lively character will never fade and we sure hope that he will stay with us for a very long time. But no matter how old he may become, to us he will always be our ‘pieni poika’ (Finnish for little boy).