"A dog is the only thing on earth
that loves you more
than you love yourself"
Josh Billings -




Name               Gleizz Bouglat
Alias Malysh
In Russian

Малыш: little boy


East Siberian Laika

Date of birth

6th December 2011

Place of birth

Southwest Finland


Dutch Champion, Amsterdam Winner 2013


cheerful, independent, devoted, gentle, affectionate, sharp, energetic, fanatic, hard headed

Malysh's character

Malysh is an alert and energetic dog, that needs to be challenged both fysically and mentally. At home, he is relaxed, but as soon as activity is announced, he is ready for action. Malysh wants to be in front and is

always in front. All or nothing seems to be his motto. He knows exactly what he wants but also what he does not want. In those cases he can be hard headed and we have to use all our creativity to try and motivate him. Malysh learns very quickly, but gets bored soon and is distracted easily. He is very independent and likes to do his own thing, but despite that he is an affectionate dog with a kind and gentle character.
Malysh is not very focussed on other dogs. Too many things happen around him that he considers to be far more interesting.

Hunting is an incentive for almost everything he does. As soon as he is outside, he starts to hunt. During his first hunting season, he has proved that he is talented. He was only 9 months old, when a moose was shot for him after some 3 hours of barking.

What makes Malysh special

With his arrival, Malysh has brought a new kind of dynamics into our lives.
He is an active dog and having him around is never boring. Hiking trips can be quite eventful as he regularly hears, sees or smells wild game he can bark at.

None of our dogs is as agile and


elastical as Malysh is. He can bend his body in angles that seem impossible and he prefers to sleep in strangest folded positions.

Malysh is full of life, he is always cheerful and not a day goes by that he does not make us smile.