"A dog is the only thing on earth
that loves you more
than you love yourself"
Josh Billings -




Name                           Jokikallion Russkaja Amur
Alias Buran
In Russian

Буран: blizzard, snowstorm
Buran was named after his grandfather


East Siberian Laika

Date of birth         

2nd January 2006

Place of birth

North Karelia, Finland


Dutch Champion, Junior World Winner 2006, Amsterdam Winner 2007


devoted, obedient, all-round, sensitive, gentle, open, affectionate

Buran's character

Buran is a calm and sensitive dog, that likes to be somewhere close to us. He is focused on people, loves to get attention and enjoys to be petted. He is eager to please and devoted. Therefore he is a very pleasant dog to work with. Obedience training as well

as retrieving training have been a remarkable smooth process and Buran is by far our most obedient dog. In spite of that, he is primarily a hunting dog that takes every opportunity to hunt. The calm and controlled way he barks at moose is a joy to hear, but Buran is a real all-rounder. Besides hunting large game, Buran also barks at small game and he is a very good retriever.
Running is one of Buran’s other passions. Because of his racy, athletic and powerful physique, he is able to develop quite some speed and he can keep this speed for a long period of time.
Just like most Laika males, Buran can be difficult with other males. But sometimes, he can even be unfriendly towards strange females.

What makes Buran special

Buran is Yasni’s son and that these words almost cover it all. Yet, we were not sure till the last moment if we should take one of Yasni’s puppies home. Not because we did not want to, but because it was not very practical for us to keep three dogs. Nevertheless, we did not regret our decision of adding Buran as a new member to our little pack for a single moment. This is mainly due to Buran’s easy nature, as if he senses that we had many doubts.

Because of his sensitive nature, Buran is very responsive to moods and he is often able to anticipate to things that are about to happen.


Our “Punu””, like we also call him, has gathered quite some “fans” in the meantime. No matter where, on top of a Norwegian mountain, during a ski tour or in our own crowded country, in his own subtle way Buran always knows how to find somebody who is willing to pet him.